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To become a Citizen of the Clan of Teks:

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In 1903 a hail of meteors struck the earth. There were numerous small strikes across the world and at least one large meteor hit the earth in the western part of North America. Nearly a year after what has come to be known as "The Fall" a small group of survivors from various universities in the middle and eastern area of North America began to rebuild, creating a compound just north east of the former city of Cincinnati, at the location of the Village of Loveland, OH. Most government agencies have been dissolved and those that were still in operation were so taxed by the rage and violence in the wake of the The Fall, that the Scientists, Scholars and Engineers that made up the original settlers of the Clan decided they would have to go about rebuilding society on their own, using science, academia, reason and logic as their guide. After getting the compound built, with a large wooden wall to protect themselves from low thinking brigands and other scoundrels, the Clan of Teks went about recruiting scouts to go into the wilderness, searching for lost technology and seeking out other scientists, engineers, technicians, mechanics and even cooks, soldiers, and cleaners. By 1907, a mere 5 years after The Fall, the Clan has grown to nearly a small city, with it's own university and trade school, a state of the art aetheric research facility, a thriving community of families and a marketplace. The most recent addition being a Dirigible docking port. Only time will tell if the world can fully recover from the unprecedented tragedy of The Fall, but things are looking up.


How would you like to contribute to the rebuilding of society in the wake of The Fall? Achieving Citizenship to the Clan of Teks is easy, and a sure fire way to raise the quality of your life and that of not only the Clan, but of the whole world, through Science, Engineering and Education. You do NOT have to be a scientist, engineer or professor to join the Clan. Society needs those from all walks of life. We need cooks, launderers, farmers, security officers, mechanics, woodworkers, architects, shop keepers, street cleaners, photographers, craftsmen/craftswomen, typesetters, baristas, bartenders, etc. . . If you would like to apply for citizenship send your application to Caelyn Nagle, scout and recruitment officer to the Clan of Teks. Please provide your geographical location as well as your profession, or if you would like us to help you attain an apprenticeship within the clan, we can help you choose your career path. (help you with costume ideas) Note on dual citizenship: While it is possible to be a citizen of the clan while having an affiliation with some other group such as an airship or naval vessel, you may want to apply for a visa rather than citizenship if you would like to keep your allegiances clear. For at the various expositions and symposiums, the clan will prefer that you represent us without a conflict of interest. Those who have Visas are always welcome in the clan compound and at all clan functions, and the clan appreciates all Visa holders have to offer the clan, but visa holders are not required to represent the clan when traveling the world.

Clan Policy Concerning Pirates:

The clan does not support nor condone piracy on the seas, in the air or on land. The founding members of the clan have found the act of piracy and the social implications of pirate society to be antithetical to a civilized reconstruction of the fallen world. HOWEVER, those with certain "skills" common to that of a pirate can be useful to the clan in certain situations. For example, defense of the Clan and it's outposts is a job well suited to a crew who may have in the past, been prone to piracy. For this reason the clan will offer 'Privateer" charters to "former" pirates and pirate vessels. These privateers are tasked with:
  • Searching out and destroying pirate vessels
  • The capture of pirate crew members for either re-training as privateers or for enrollment in civilized training facilities in the clan.
  • The recovery of stolen technology aboard pirate vessels and in pirate strongholds.
If you would like to apply for a Clan Privateer charter, inquire with the Clan recruiting officer Caelyn Nagle. Out of Character Notes: The clan is as open ended as you can imagine, and unlike many Airship crews who might seek to fill certain crew positions, we have room for any kind of steampunk persona you can dream up (as long as your character isn't an "admitted" scoundrel or evil mastermind, though keep in mind a secret sub plot to your backstory is all your own worry) That being said, I will be developing more Clan back story as time goes on, and I will eventually want to fill some sort of leadership character role (I don't want to play the leader of the clan, even if the Clan is my own brainchild) I do NOT expect members to act in character, or LARP in any way, though if you like that sort of thing that's great, go for it. Some of us just like to dress up in fabulous clothes and carry around fancy gadgets to get our picture taken, some may like the role playing aspect, it's entirely up to you.

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