Journal Entry: August 22, 1905

Hanna and I made it successfully to Louisville, KY on schedule for our meeting with Promethian and several others. Louisville was very hospitable and seemed to have been spared much (but not all) of the moral and cultural calamity that other cities have seen up to this point. After sharing in some food and drink with Prometian and the others Hanna and I talked with Promethian about various technological and engineering topics. Promethian showed me his new Aetheric projectiles, which rather than shooting a ray or a beam of Aetheric energy, actually are a projectile powered by and containing an Aetheric charge. His accomplishment in building such a small device capable of containing and controlling Aetheric energy is phenominal. The rounds can actually be fired from a standard "Maverick" revolver as well as several other weapons that use the same caliber powder based bullet. Promethian was reluctant to give me detailed enough information or schematics on the construction of these Aetheric bullets, but I believe I may be able to replicate them now that I know the general idea of their construction. Our meeting with the Louisville group now over we have less than 2 weeks to make it back to Cincinnati, where we will brave the dangers of the city to attend a meeting of minds at the oldest drinking establishment in Cincinnati, Arnolds Bar and Grill. A group of individuals who go by the name "League of Cincinnati Steampunks" have called a meeting at this location to discuss how to bring the city out of it's moral degeneration. What better way to do that than to consume alcohol! Caelyn

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