Journal Entry: August 29th, 1905

While traveling back towards Cincinnati Hanna and I stumbled across, quite literally, the remains of a deceased highway-woman. I am unsure what may have killed her for she had no visible wounds. She had been there for at least several days based on the level of decomposition. Hanna and I took care to bury the nameless woman in an unfortunately shallow grave. We didn't have a shovel so it was hands and rocks. Most of what she was carrying must have been picked clean by scavengers or bandits, but we did recover her very unique firearm several yards from the body, obscured by a shrub. The markings on the weapon say it is a model 1905LB but the manufacturer's name was not engraved. It is unique in several ways: 1.) It's barrel is below the usual location, more towards the center of the grip, with a structural bar across the top of the barrel. 2.) While it appears to be a revolver, the cylinder is actually a rotating magazine that loads rounds into another internal magazine. 3.) It has a semi automatic auto loading mechanism. (functionally similar to but not mechanically similar to the Borchardt C-93) 4.) It is a small caliber. The .22 Long Rifle cartridge from J Stevens Arms. Apparently the high rate of fire is meant to make up for the lack of stopping power. When I return to the clan compound I will have to let them do some research on it's origins.

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