Journal Entry: September 4, 1905

Last night I attended a meeting with a group of like minded individuals at one of the few businesses in Cincinnati that still remains lucrative. I met with the "League of Cincinnati Steampunks" (who henceforth shall be known simply as "The League") at a saloon called Arnolds. I don't have a full recollection of what transpired (the moonshine was flowing) but I know we started out talking about the state of society and what role steam and electricity would have at rebuilding a prosperous future. The League also talked of travelling as a group to a newly founded township near what used to be Williamsburg, OH, it was said there would be a man there selling some much needed tonics and salves. Present at Arnolds were Hanna Tikvah, Aloysius Flyte, Ginny Tonic, Dr. Zedekosh, Winnifred Blackmoor, Angela Aliella, Savannah Holmes and Chad Wertz and perhaps a few more. Caelyn

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