Journal Entry: September 23, 1905

I was given an important assignment weeks ago that was to take me to Dearborne Michigan to find out if the Ford Motor Company factory, founded just before The Fall in 1903, had survived. I sadly must report that I was remiss in the completion of that mission. Before reaching the Detroit area I was run off by a band of angry townsfolk from one of the suburban centers. It seems they had been attacked one too many times by bandits and scavengers, and when they saw my pistol holstered on my hip, they took me for one of the bandits. In my escape from their wrath I lost my food ration and was lucky enough to find enough to eat along my way back to the Teks. This reaction to my weaponry is only natural given the current state of things in the post Fall world. I have since devised a way to keep my sidearm handy, while still maintaining an non-threatening appearance. Here is the new academic's helper: Caelyn

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