Journal Entry: January 16, 1907

It has been too long since I last took pen to paper in my Journal. I have been on a long journey, one which has taken me to all corners of this earth. Unfortunately I was unable to make a record of the trip while underway. Having returned to my home in the compound of the Clan of Teks, I must now try to wrench the memories from my thoughts. It astonishes me the growth of the Clan of Teks in my absence. In the time I was away they have acquired several more scientists and engineers and their families. The compound is now more of a small city. Nothing near as large and impressive as my home city of Chicago, the Clan of Teks now have a well structured grid of homes and streets, a saloon, several small stores and a commissary, plus the ever growing science and engineering complex. All surrounded by a seemingly impenetrable wall. The most surprising addition was that of a Dirigible mooring post and a shipping and receiving dock. When I left for my trip on a small dirigible (my first time in flight) it was from a small field well out from the compound. Upon my return I was shocked to descend into the new dirigible facilities. I think they may be in the same location I left from, only the Clan's compound has grown to envelop what was a remote location. Now I feel I must rest. I will have to recount the details of my trip at a later date. Caelyn

Journal Entry: September 23, 1905

I was given an important assignment weeks ago that was to take me to Dearborne Michigan to find out if the Ford Motor Company factory, founded just before The Fall in 1903, had survived. I sadly must report that I was remiss in the completion of that mission. Before reaching the Detroit area I was run off by a band of angry townsfolk from one of the suburban centers. It seems they had been attacked one too many times by bandits and scavengers, and when they saw my pistol holstered on my hip, they took me for one of the bandits. In my escape from their wrath I lost my food ration and was lucky enough to find enough to eat along my way back to the Teks. This reaction to my weaponry is only natural given the current state of things in the post Fall world. I have since devised a way to keep my sidearm handy, while still maintaining an non-threatening appearance. Here is the new academic's helper: Caelyn

Journal Entry: September 4, 1905

Last night I attended a meeting with a group of like minded individuals at one of the few businesses in Cincinnati that still remains lucrative. I met with the "League of Cincinnati Steampunks" (who henceforth shall be known simply as "The League") at a saloon called Arnolds. I don't have a full recollection of what transpired (the moonshine was flowing) but I know we started out talking about the state of society and what role steam and electricity would have at rebuilding a prosperous future. The League also talked of travelling as a group to a newly founded township near what used to be Williamsburg, OH, it was said there would be a man there selling some much needed tonics and salves. Present at Arnolds were Hanna Tikvah, Aloysius Flyte, Ginny Tonic, Dr. Zedekosh, Winnifred Blackmoor, Angela Aliella, Savannah Holmes and Chad Wertz and perhaps a few more. Caelyn

Journal Entry: August 29th, 1905

While traveling back towards Cincinnati Hanna and I stumbled across, quite literally, the remains of a deceased highway-woman. I am unsure what may have killed her for she had no visible wounds. She had been there for at least several days based on the level of decomposition. Hanna and I took care to bury the nameless woman in an unfortunately shallow grave. We didn't have a shovel so it was hands and rocks. Most of what she was carrying must have been picked clean by scavengers or bandits, but we did recover her very unique firearm several yards from the body, obscured by a shrub. The markings on the weapon say it is a model 1905LB but the manufacturer's name was not engraved. It is unique in several ways: 1.) It's barrel is below the usual location, more towards the center of the grip, with a structural bar across the top of the barrel. 2.) While it appears to be a revolver, the cylinder is actually a rotating magazine that loads rounds into another internal magazine. 3.) It has a semi automatic auto loading mechanism. (functionally similar to but not mechanically similar to the Borchardt C-93) 4.) It is a small caliber. The .22 Long Rifle cartridge from J Stevens Arms. Apparently the high rate of fire is meant to make up for the lack of stopping power. When I return to the clan compound I will have to let them do some research on it's origins.

Journal Entry: August 22, 1905

Hanna and I made it successfully to Louisville, KY on schedule for our meeting with Promethian and several others. Louisville was very hospitable and seemed to have been spared much (but not all) of the moral and cultural calamity that other cities have seen up to this point. After sharing in some food and drink with Prometian and the others Hanna and I talked with Promethian about various technological and engineering topics. Promethian showed me his new Aetheric projectiles, which rather than shooting a ray or a beam of Aetheric energy, actually are a projectile powered by and containing an Aetheric charge. His accomplishment in building such a small device capable of containing and controlling Aetheric energy is phenominal. The rounds can actually be fired from a standard "Maverick" revolver as well as several other weapons that use the same caliber powder based bullet. Promethian was reluctant to give me detailed enough information or schematics on the construction of these Aetheric bullets, but I believe I may be able to replicate them now that I know the general idea of their construction. Our meeting with the Louisville group now over we have less than 2 weeks to make it back to Cincinnati, where we will brave the dangers of the city to attend a meeting of minds at the oldest drinking establishment in Cincinnati, Arnolds Bar and Grill. A group of individuals who go by the name "League of Cincinnati Steampunks" have called a meeting at this location to discuss how to bring the city out of it's moral degeneration. What better way to do that than to consume alcohol! Caelyn

Journal Entry: August 15, 1905

Hannah and I have been traveling at a leisurely and careful pace. By my bearings I believe we are halfway to our destination. Travelling by day is nearly as difficult as traveling by night, the ash in the atmosphere is still very thick. (The geologists in the camp suspect that asteroid impacts have instigated volcanic activity world wide) The Teks outfitted me with bare minimum of supplies and gear, and a set of magnifying and grid tracking goggles. Along the way on this, my first tek finding mission, I am also searching for gear and clothing to aid me in my travels. On our careful true southerly parabolic path to avoid Cincinnati's center, I was able to find an adequate canvas and leather satchel in the remains of an abandoned US army wagon, and an empty glass bottle with an articulated cork. The trek continues Caelyn

Journal Entry: August 5, 1905.

I’ve been training with Tek Josiah Erikson for several years, learning as much as I could about steam, electricity and the way they work with each other. I’ve been working with Tek Stephen Groom on the design and construction of airships of both the winged and gas filled variety, though I can’t say I’ve mastered that tek yet, far from it. Even so, I have now been tasked with leaving the safety of the Tek compound to search the world for tek, both pre-fall tek and and to find other surviving scientists to collaborate on several projects, big and small. My first trek was to the ruined city of Louisville in what once was the State of Kentucky. I am taking the Tek engineer Hannah Tikva with me, where we hope to meet up with the maker who goes by the name Promethian. It is said he has developed an “Aetheric bullet” that we are interested in seeing the schematics for, if he will consent of course. Caelyn