Journal Entry: August 15, 1905

Hannah and I have been traveling at a leisurely and careful pace. By my bearings I believe we are halfway to our destination. Travelling by day is nearly as difficult as traveling by night, the ash in the atmosphere is still very thick. (The geologists in the camp suspect that asteroid impacts have instigated volcanic activity world wide) The Teks outfitted me with bare minimum of supplies and gear, and a set of magnifying and grid tracking goggles. Along the way on this, my first tek finding mission, I am also searching for gear and clothing to aid me in my travels. On our careful true southerly parabolic path to avoid Cincinnati's center, I was able to find an adequate canvas and leather satchel in the remains of an abandoned US army wagon, and an empty glass bottle with an articulated cork. The trek continues Caelyn

Journal Entry: August 5, 1905.

I’ve been training with Tek Josiah Erikson for several years, learning as much as I could about steam, electricity and the way they work with each other. I’ve been working with Tek Stephen Groom on the design and construction of airships of both the winged and gas filled variety, though I can’t say I’ve mastered that tek yet, far from it. Even so, I have now been tasked with leaving the safety of the Tek compound to search the world for tek, both pre-fall tek and and to find other surviving scientists to collaborate on several projects, big and small. My first trek was to the ruined city of Louisville in what once was the State of Kentucky. I am taking the Tek engineer Hannah Tikva with me, where we hope to meet up with the maker who goes by the name Promethian. It is said he has developed an “Aetheric bullet” that we are interested in seeing the schematics for, if he will consent of course. Caelyn