Journal Entry: January 16, 1907

It has been too long since I last took pen to paper in my Journal. I have been on a long journey, one which has taken me to all corners of this earth. Unfortunately I was unable to make a record of the trip while underway. Having returned to my home in the compound of the Clan of Teks, I must now try to wrench the memories from my thoughts. It astonishes me the growth of the Clan of Teks in my absence. In the time I was away they have acquired several more scientists and engineers and their families. The compound is now more of a small city. Nothing near as large and impressive as my home city of Chicago, the Clan of Teks now have a well structured grid of homes and streets, a saloon, several small stores and a commissary, plus the ever growing science and engineering complex. All surrounded by a seemingly impenetrable wall. The most surprising addition was that of a Dirigible mooring post and a shipping and receiving dock. When I left for my trip on a small dirigible (my first time in flight) it was from a small field well out from the compound. Upon my return I was shocked to descend into the new dirigible facilities. I think they may be in the same location I left from, only the Clan's compound has grown to envelop what was a remote location. Now I feel I must rest. I will have to recount the details of my trip at a later date. Caelyn