First Contact With Circle City Aerodrome – February 14th, 1909

Recent events have put the Clan of Teks Inter-Dimensional First Contact Protocol (IDFCP) to the test. While Captain Stemwinder of the contract dirigible Hammerhead was on a supply run to central North America, he was only half way to his destination when he was caught up in an unmapped aetheric comet dust cloud and he was transported to an alternate dimension much in the same way our friends from the Airship Passpartout happened upon our dimension. It was our meeting with Sir-Ernest Octave Suszczynski and Gintia Peasblossom, plus the few other small ships that accidentally or forcefully made their way into our dimension that prompted the Clan to develop the IDFCP. It would seem that all of these crossovers thust far are between only two dimensions. The scientists at the Tek University are still unsure why only one other dimension seems to be accessible, while current theory would make one believe there are countless dimensions alternate to our own. Oh dear, I do tend to ramble, more on that later I suppose. While in this alternate dimension Captain Stemwinder made port at a large facility called the Circle City Aerodrome, which is located in the state of Indiana, within the United States (which is still a functioning governing body in their dimension). He said that they were quite agreeable and hospitable. As per the IDFCP he made no claims nor mention of his dimensional travel nor his true origin, nor the fact of his aetheric plasma powered engines. He did make some trade with them for provisions and made contact with their city manager, an apparently tough looking but very nice woman named Kat, with whom he scheduled a meeting for the future with the Clan's first contact ambassador, Caelyn Nagle..Using our rift penetrating radio, we were able to schedule a diplomatic visit with the Aerodrome during one of their formal yearly gatherings which corresponds with their holiday called Valentines Day. The Clan of Teks sent a delegation of 5 to this event and brought the Hammerhead along for a demonstration of aether plasma engine technology as a good faith offering.

The Clan of Teks delegation.

The Clan's delegation included Helix Coil, Tess La Coil, Marianne Jackson, Hanah Tikva and Caelyn Nagle. Our demonstration of the Hammerhead's engine technology was well received and we fielded many questions on dirigible design. Hammerhead_Demo We left the Aerodrome with hopes that we might return again soon, and Kat Alyst gave us an open invitation.  We'll have to do something though about the pirate vessels that seem to dock at the Aerodrome with no regulation. . .

The Trains are Back In Operation: March 1st, 1909

This past weekend the Clan of Teks and it's allies managed to get the Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern (CL&N) Railroad lines fixed up and we've re-engineered a small steam train to run with an aetheric energy powered boiler. We gathered together with other local surviving groups as well as the inter-dimensional visa holders The Airship Archon for a short but important trip to christen this newly repaired form of transportation. Transport is a much needed thing in this post Fall world. Steam Train Group Photo Out of Character: This trip was actually a trip to ride the LM&M Railroad in Lebanon Ohio which runs on rails that really were part of the Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern (CL&N) Railroad back in the 1880s until the 1930s. They had only a few dates where you would ride behind the steam engine Flagg Coal Co #75. The Clan's Hanah Tikva was lucky enough to find info on this opportunity and coordinated a group ticket discount. While the Steam Train rides appear to be over for the year, if you keep an eye out, you can learn when next year's steam rides will be, or you can just ride the LM&M behind their newer, but also historic LM&M Locomotive CNRY 55: one of the oldest GP7 locomotives still operating. To find more info visit their website: Flagg Coal #75