Tek Security Bulletin: Report Strange Dirigibles

Seal_Clan_of_Teks_purple_copper_smallAttention! The Clan of Teks security team needs all citizens to report any and all sightings of strange or otherwise unknown dirigibles. Furthermore any unrecognized dirigibles docking at the Clan of Teks port tower must submit to safety searches until further notice. This is a matter of dire importance not only to the safety of the Clan of Teks, but to other surviving communities in our and in other dimensions. One week ago captain Stemwinder, while returning from the Circle City Aerodrome in the alternate dimension designated CCADim by the Tek University, reported sighting a rogue dirigible riding his tail currents as he passed through the dimensional gateway over the southern Chicago impact zone.  This dirigible was small, capable of carrying no more than a 5 man crew and was of the open air gondola type. Just two days ago a dirigible fitting this description wJames_Hazmatas seen moored near a small impact zone in central Illinois, it's crew digging and collecting samples from the ejecta blanket using unshielded containers. As all clan citizens know, the comet dust found in the ejecta blankets of impact zones is irradiated with aetheric energy and being in close proximity to these samples without protection is excessively hazardous. Without properly shielded containers and the use of an aetheric hazard suit like the one being worn by Arcturus Thorn in the photo plate shown, the lives of the crew of this dirigible are in great peril, as are the lives of anyone at their destination. A radio wave message has been sent to the Circle City Aerodrome via the dimensional portal about this danger and they are going to send someone to watch the portal from their side. Alas the Hammerhead is currently grounded and we have no other dirigible available to travel to the portal location at this time. Hopefully this rogue dirigible can be intercepted before the crew are overcome, a crash with the cargo they are carrying could cause devastating environmental damage on the other side of the portal to the Circle City Aerodrome.(Or to any other dimension they may sneak their way into)

CCA Technical Negotiations on the Horizon

Seal_Clan_of_Teks_purple_copper_smallThe Clan of Teks has traveled to the CCA's dimension yet again on a mission to determine if the Circle City Aerodrome's Boffin Corps and administrators would be willing to provide  technical assistance in developing dimensional portal stabilization equipment similar to the devices they employ on their side of our mutual portal. Technology scout Caelyn Nagle has observed how much simpler it is to get BACK from CCADim. It is unclear whether or not their portal stabilizers would work in our dimension because it appears that their aetheric triggers, for all forms of aetheric technology are already more stable due to widespread dispersion of the aether particles in their atmosphere. On our side of the rift the aetheric particles in our atmosphere and geology were practically non existent until The Fall occurred. The dense population of comet particles around impact zones presented us with aetheric energy yet again, but in a far stronger concentration which is much harder to harness and control. It was sheer luck that we found that high grade glass made from the sand of the ejecta blanket around impact sites was able to hold and manipulate the unstable and powerful aetheric energy.
Aetheric Flow Regulator

Aetheric Flow Regulator

Caelyn thinks that he has convinced the CCA Boffin Corps to allow us to observe their portal stabilizers in action on our next visit. Hopefully we will be able to find a compromise that will allow us to provide stabilization to the rift portal that goes to where the Airship Passepartout resides. It would be nice to be able to visit them more often. Captain Stemwinder of the COT Dirigible Hammerhead tells us that on our nighttime return trip from CCADim he thinks a small dirigible may have snuck in behind us, then scurried off into the night. We will have to talk to CCA Administrator Kat Alyst about the possibility of setting up security for their side of portal if this kind of thing is going to continue.