Clan of Teks Richmond Branch

Seal_Clan_of_Teks_purple_copper_smallIn partnership with our inter dimensional friends at the Circle City Aerodrome, as well as other friends with the use of dirigibles and other aircraft, The Clan of Teks has conducted exhaustive searches of the central east and west portions of North America for the most active aetheric dimensional and temporal portals, caused by comet particle impacts. A map of these zones is currently being created by the cartographers at the Tek University and at this time the most curious of those portals is one that is causing a "temperal-dimensional cross rip". Curious artifacts are appearing regularly in the area of Richmond, Virginia, many of which are quite dangerous in nature if found by the wrong type of survivor. For this reason we have sent technology scout Caelyn Nagle and Engineer Hanah Tikva to the Richmond area in an attempt to intervene and safely contain as many of the artifacts as they can. As it happens, a pair of Boffins from the CCA dimension have found a home just north of Richmond in our dimension, under license found in the CCA-COT agreement signed late last year. Caelyn and Hanah will work with Evelyn Francess Dieulafoy-Bell, a Geologist and Archaeologist by trade, and Leftenent Commander Lionel Worthingstone, a science officer of the CCA dirigible fleet. They will attempt to locate all of the "rips" caused by the aetheric contamination and close or otherwise secure them. In the meantime though, any and all artifacts that pass through the disturbances will be located and secured for safety, and for future study. A preliminary meeting of the quartet took place just this week nearer to the former US capital (the city took a direct hit by a very large meteorite). Caelyn is currently attempting to secure a meeting place in one of the Richmond businesses that survived the aftermath of the fall and the irregular contamination patterns it caused. This job may be too large for a team of only four. The Clan of Teks will be attempting to recruit more citizens from the local Richmond populace. There must be those survivors in the area that are interested in helping to build and make safe a bastion of logical morality, science and learning, just as those in the Cincinnati area did. We are currently scouting a location for the Clan of Teks, Richmond Branch headquarters. So far this abandoned home is looking like the best candidate: COT-RVAheadquarters1