Citizens of the Clan

The citizenry of the Clan of Teks are a disparate group of refugees trying to make the best of a ridiculously desperate turn of events. After the fall, all of us have managed to come together in a MOSTLY common purpous. The rebuilding of society. We've come from all backgrounds, from all corners of the the globe and we all have things in our past we may not want to be known. However, for those of us who have had the time and inclination, here are our biographies for your perusal. (Click on a citizen's name to read their story) List of Citizens living in the Richmond, Virginia Area:     List of Citizens living in the Cincinnati, Ohio Area:
  • Tess La Coil - Chrono-Aether Surveyor and Collector¬† (Time Bandit - Privateer) Tess_LaCoil
  • Helix Coil - M.A.T.E. Master Acquisitionist of Temporal Elements (Right Hand Man - Privateer) SONY DSC
  • Lady Mau Egyptian Musk - Egyptologist and Researcher of the Ancient Mysteries LadyMau6
  • Arcturus Thorn - Hazardous Environment Technology Scout ArcturusThorn3
  • Victoria (Just Victoria) - Personal Security Victoria_Thorn1
  • Detective Oculus Sinister - Law Enforcement Oculus1
  • Duncan Batchworth III¬†- Heir to the Ionian newspaper The Azimuth. Aims to bring journalistic integrity back to the post fall world. Horace1
  • Guy Dillon and Tina Black Guy_Tina
  • Esther Winters - Equine Automaton Engineer Esther_Winters-
  • Pat O'brien - Licensed member of the Ship Hoppers Guild, Tinkerer, Storyteller, Jack of All Trades. Pat_Obrien
  • (Steampunk) Mark Twain - Literary Troublemaker SP_Mark_Twain
  • Abe Synthe - Acquirer of Historical Artifacts and Technology to Benefit the Future Restoration of Society (Currently on contract with the Corsair Iniquitous) Abe_Synthe
  • J. Sprocket Stemwinder - Transportation and Acquisition Specialist SONY DSC
  • Sonardious "Sonar" Von Wolfenstein - Hunter/Tracker Sonar_Wolf
  • Ariana Coraline Goodheart - innocent wanderer, curiosity explorer Arainnah_Coraline_Goodheart
  • Jared Presley - Musician, Shaman, Photographer, Puppeteer, and Time Traveler. Jared_Presley
  • Marianne C. Jackson - Tetragon Artiste and Costumer (TAC) Marianne_Jackson2
  • Angie Carter - Seamstress Angie_Carter_3
  • Morgana Occulta Keys - Professor/Researcher/Investigator/ Melanie_Carlson
  • Aunt Carter Tam - Teacher, keeper of children, animals and lost souls. Runs the Tek Home for Orphaned and Abandoned Children..
  • Vector Coil - Timejacker Extraordinaire, decorated Esteemed Order of the Nautilus. (Armed Time Bandit - Privateer)
  • Van D. Graaff - Aether Rifter (Time Bandit Lockpicker - Privateer)
  • Electra Coil - Temporal Ensnarer (Time Bandit Pickpocket - Privateer)
  • Bridget Oliver - (Character name pending)
  • Ken Glaza - (Character name pending)
  • Bob - Mechanic
  • Fenris Donnybrook - Occult Investigator/Lycanthrope
  • Virginia Needle Knottier - Mercenary, Message Courier, and odd ball hermit.
  • Mirabella Von Dueling -¬† Fixer
  • Doris Wine -
International Citizens:
  • Jan Boyle (Australia Office)

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