Dirigible Races

UPDATE:  Lessons learned on the first event demonstrated a need for revision of the rules as they were written for 2012.  The new 2013 Steampunk Empire Symposium Dirigible races rules document can be found here: 2013 Dirigible Races Rules In addition to the rules for both the Races and the Design Competition, the PDF linked above also contains a few hints and tips on how to get started building a remote control dirigible. If your Airship or other kind of steampunk group would like to take part in the Symposium dirigible races, be sure to register your group with the Symposium and be sure to contact Caelyn Nagle via the contact information given in the rules document above.


The first annual Dirigible Races held at the Steamunk Empire Symposium went well and were very popular among the attendees. There were 6 total entries, some of which were quite beyond (design wise) what I thought was going to be possible. Below are the Dirigibles that competed in the (remote control) Dirigible Races at the first annual Steampunk Empire symposium. The rules used for the 2013 competition can be found in the following PDF: Dirigible Design, Races and Jousting - Rules, Hints and Tips. (The updated rules for 2013 can be found above)
  • Airship Passepartout Representing it's owners: Sir Ernest Octave Suszczynski & Dr. Gintia Peaseblossom Frequency - 27Mhz Power Plant - Dragonfly Innovations
  • The Flying Pig Representing The League of Cincinnati Steampunks Frequency - 49Mhz Powerplant - Dragonfly Innovations
  • The Archon Representing the crew of the Airship Archon Winner of the 2012 Races Frequency - ? Powerplant - Custom
  • Her Majesty's Airship Omnipotent (Link Needed) Representing the crew of the Omnipotent Winner of the 2012 Design Award Frequency - Infra Red Powerplant - Fast Lane Cross Bow
  • The Chark Representing The Crooked Horde of Ardently Rapacious Krononauts Frequency - 49 Mhz Powerplant -
Videos of the 2012 Races: This one complete with the screams of onlookers as if it were the Hindenburg catastrophe. 🙂 A close up view of the Omnipotent, winner of the design category. The Airship Races are at time code 4:50 in this fantastic overview of the Symposium:

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