Friends of the Clan

Clan of Teks Inter-dimensional or Time Travel Visa holders: The Clan of Teks is also a port city and we do host those of like faculties and temperament. The Clan especially looks forward to those who take advantage of the dimensional and temporal rifts opened up in part due to the impact of unstable materials during The Fall. To these visitors (of like faculties and temperament) we offer Visas which allow full use of the Clan's facilities. Below is a list of those who hold visas and/or port licenses with the Clan of Teks. The Crew of Airship Passepartout (Visit them on Facebook) Passpartout-Logo-1000 Including but not limited to:
  • Sir-Ernest Octave Suszczynski (Owner of Airship Passpartout)
  • Dr. Gintia Peaseblossom (Owner of Airship Passpartout)
  • Calamity Dawn (Ship's Boson)
  • Sebastian Scott (Muscle)
The Crew of Her Majesty's Airship Omnipotent of the Unspeakable Empire of Cheviot. (Visit their Facebook Page) Omnipotent
  • Lord Queen Supreme Dictator of the Unspeakable Empire of Cheviot, Her Majesty, Victoria Winifred K. Lawley
  • Captain - Evil Princess, Autumn Zoe Lawley
  • Engineer - Count William C. Lawley
  • Head of Security - Olivia Rain Lawley
  • Pilot - Jakediah Hibbett
  • Pet - Wearwolf Ava D. Lawley
The Crew of The Airship Archon ( Archon
  • Captain - Anthony LaGrange
  • First Lieutenant and Entertainment Director - Sally Van Eycke
  • Second Lieutenant and Communications Officer - Sarah Hans
  • And the officers and crew
The Crew of The Airship Ashanti Ahanti
  • Captain - Captain A. Mandisa Njeree
  • Sargent at Arms - Osei Jabulani
Inter-Dimensional or Time Travel Privateer Licenses The Clan of Teks does not condone piracy, however, those that may have been pirates before the fall of our world, or those that may have been pirates in other dimensions or during other times, may be welcome to dock within the Clan compound assuming they sign up for, and are granted a Clan of Teks Privateer license. Those individuals and vessels that are properly licensed privateers must not commit acts of privacy against the Clan or it's allies and friends. Only with a charter from the clan may they use their pirate skills and tools in our skies, on our land or in our seas. The Crew of Airship Centroid (Visit them on Facebook) Centroid-Logo Including but not limited to:
  • Captain Alstromeria Coine - Captain of the Airship Centroid
  • Sir Xires Del'vasya - Patron and Owner of the Airship
  • Jacque Edmund d'Cle - Quartermaster
  • Kaje Fowl - Engineer
  • Dr. Aclua Morticia Kevorkian Pepper - Doctor and Mortician
  • Arther Bardroy-Cook
  • Navaguesser-Garnet Melanite
  • Harriett "Highball" Wilson - Pilot
  • Angelic de la Rouge-Monster Hunter in training.
The Crew of the Corsair Iniquitous (Visit them on Facebook) Iniquitous Some of the crew of the Iniquitous are from within the Clan. They may be a rowdy bunch with questionable morals, but we keep them close to our heart (where we can keep an eye on them) Including but not limited to:
  • Able Synthe
  • Tiki Von Sexron
  • Bret Daley
  • Courtney Spintercat Stoll
  • Stephanie Fu Rogg
  • Kitty Kim
  • Odetta Von Kasek
  • Felix Mel DeGarie
  • Barb Kelsay
Airship Port Licenses: Airship Passepartout Her Majesty's Airship Omnipotent Airship Centroid Airship Archon Corsair Iniquitous Airship Ashanti

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